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Sequoia Christian Academy realizes the importance of providing students with a quality education and an instructional program that is Bible based.  This program encourages the spiritual, physical, and educational growth of our students.  Center to our program is scripture memorization, understanding Biblical truths, and learning to live everyday as one who embraces the characteristics of integrity, purpose, and service to others.

Our curriculum is true and current in content, accurate, age appropriate and integrated with Biblical principles.  The role of the teacher is emphasized in making this evaluation. Controversial points of view are not withheld but we do attempt to evaluate them in the light of Biblical truths.  All subjects, ideas, and life itself can be evaluated in this way.


Primary reading instruction is phonics / comprehension based.  Letter sounds are introduced through the Zoo Phonics program which is multi-modal using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic cues for memory retention.  The A-Beka curriculum is also used for reading, mathematics, social studies, and science.


Reading, spelling, math, and cursive handwriting instruction continues with the A-Beka curriculum in the elementary grades.  Social Studies and Science are emphasized through field trips and special projects.


Sixth through eighth grade subject matter includes Language Arts, Literature, Vocabulary, Mathematics / Pre-Algebra / Algebra, Social Studies, Science, Health, Physical Education, and Christian Living. Sequoia participates in a small Sports league, ACSI Spelling Bee, as well as other academic events as possible.